Admin ASC 2 Code
Orig. name Bogd
Country and Admin Code MN.15.6619053 MN
Admin ASC 2 Code
Orig. name Bogd
Country and Admin Code MN.02.6619076 MN

World countries Adminstrative division ASC I-II . 2014.

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  • Bogd — is a Mongolian word meaning saint, priest; holy, sacred and also a place name which may refer to* Bogd, Bayankhongor, a sum (district) of Bayankhongor Province * Bogd, Övörkhangai, a sum (district) of Övörkhangai Province * Bogd Khan, title of… …   Wikipedia

  • Bogd Khan — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda Bogd Khan Jebtsundamba Khutuktu VIII Pintura del Bogd Khan por Marzan Sharav Reinado 1911 1924 …   Wikipedia Español

  • Bogd Khan Uul — (Mongolian mn. Богд хан уул) is a mountain in Mongolia that overlooks the nation s capital, Ulaanbaatar, from a height of 3000 feet (914m) above the city …   Wikipedia

  • Bogd, Bayankhongor — Bogd ( mn. Богд) is a sum (district) of Bayankhongor Province in southern Mongolia …   Wikipedia

  • Bogd, Övörkhangai — Bogd ( mn. Богд) is a sum (district) of Övörkhangai Province in southern Mongolia …   Wikipedia

  • Bogd Khan Mountain — For the person, see Bogd Khan. Bogd Khan Mountain …   Wikipedia

  • Bogd Khan — Der Bogd Khan als Jugendlicher Der Bogd Khan (mongolisch Богд Хан), mit vollem Namen Ngawang Lobsang Chökyi Nyima Tendzin Wangchug (mongolisch Агван лувсан чойжинн ямданзан ванчүг, Arwan Luwsan Tschoidschin Jamdanzan Wantschüg;… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Bogd Khan — The Bogd Khan (Mongolian mn. Богд хаан; 1869 1924) was enthroned as the Emperor (Khan) of Mongolia on 29 December 1911, when the country declared independence from the Qing Dynasty. As the eighth Jebtsundamba Khutugtu, he had already been the… …   Wikipedia

  • Bogd Gegen — Der VIII. Jetsun Dampa war gleichzeitig der Bögd Khan, Herrscher der Mongolen Khalkha Jetsun Dampa (wylie: khal kha rje btsun dam pa; auch: Bogd Gegen, Bogd Gegeen, Jebtsundamba Khutukhtu) ist der Titel des höchsten Lama der Gelugpa im Buddhismus …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Bogd Uul — The name Bogd Uul ( mn. Богд уул) can refer to a number of different mountains and mountain ranges, including:In Mongolia*Bogd Khan Uul near UlaanbaatarIn China*Bogda Shan in Xinjiang …   Wikipedia

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